Helping Sony entertain the world

Here are my thoughts on a brand strategy and brand communication ideas that can help Sony bring together its technological excellence as well as its treasure of content to delight audiences around the world. I had put down these thoughts and ideas years ago and since I lost those to termites at my parents’ flat in Goa, I am having to recreate them from memory.

The brand strategy that I recommend for Sony is to help them leverage their core strengths in a way that is designed for the new internet age of media and entertainment consumption. On reading the strategy and ideas document below, you will find that Sony occupies a unique space in the industry, with its combined strengths in technology as well as in media content and it is high time the company brought those to life in a way that is agnostic of screens and devices.

While the TV advert ideas for Sony are in script form in the document above, I have created layouts for the brand print campaign, though I am not a designer or art director. You can view the brand print campaign by clicking the link below.

Below is a single launch advert in print for SonyStream, the streaming service that I recommend the company launch through a dedicated website.

I have also tried creating the home-page of the website for the streaming service, SonyStream, which you can view by clicking the link below. I do think that their corporate website too needs to be rethought, along the lines of the new strategy, but I have not attempted that yet.

The SonyStream website is meant to have a looped video or gif playing on the home page and since the above pdf document doesn’t allow for it, you can view that video/gif banner below.

The looped video or gif for the SonyStream website banner; click on image to view

With this new brand strategy and communication for Sony, the company is all set to storm screens around the world with its media and entertainment magic.

The brand campaign for Sony as well as the launch advert and the website design use images from Sony’s own website, as well as from Pixabay and Unsplash, while Sony’s logo is from Brands of the World website and I am grateful to all of them.