Brand Strategy and Ideas for The Pierre

It will be a while before travellers take to the skies and start returning to luxury hotels, even in the busiest cities around the world. But that gives us just enough time to focus on repositioning The Pierre, New York and planning for the new, changed world of luxury travel.

Here, I share my thoughts on the brand strategy to help reposition The Pierre and to integrate it better with the Taj Hotels brand. As also the communication package that will help relaunch it, when the time comes to welcome luxury travellers again. Hopefully, that will be around the end of this year, 2021.

The Pierre, New York on Fifth Avenue; Image: The Pierre’s website

In the document below, you will find the thinking that should guide the repositioning of The Pierre, from the kind of consumers to target, the competition, and the accommodation and dining choices that The Pierre should offer, to the Taj Guest Rewards Program, the website and the relaunch communication package. In developing this strategy and communication, I have kept in mind both the objectives that The Pierre must achieve: to create a differentiated brand position for itself in luxury hotels, and to integrate with the Taj brand of hotels, palaces and resorts.

While I have shared the three TV commercials for The Pierre as scripts in the document above, I have created the revised website home page and the relaunch print advertisement options on the same creative idea of a juxtaposition of France/Europe with New York City to communicate the new brand positioning. Once again, I must emphasise that I am not a designer or art director, but having done a lot of designing work for my blog, I have designed this communication package as well as strategised and written it. Please click on the link below to view the communication.

And finally, the theme brand campaign, comprising five adverts, for select newspapers and magazines that aims to inform and persuade the target audience to consider staying at The Pierre on their next visit to New York City. Please click on the link below to view the campaign

I would not recommend that The Pierre advertise on social media, but use social media as a PR medium to share news and updates of recent events, developments etc. at The Pierre on Twitter and Instagram.

If there are any tactical promotions that The Pierre wishes to run, those can be advertised in a limited way on the digital editions of select publications (the same publications that the brand print campaign is run on).

Here’s to a better year at The Pierre!

Images used in the website design and campaign adverts for The Pierre are from Unsplash and The Pierre’s website. The black and white illustration of high rises in NYC and the map of Paris are from and respectively. I thank all of them.