Brand Campaign Ideas for Land Rover

Several years, ago I had put down my thoughts and ideas for Land Rover, which I subsequently lost to termites. Here, I have attempted to rewrite them from memory, and to also create the campaign layouts, even though I am not a designer or art director.

The main purpose of the campaign as I explain in the document below, is to refresh the Land Rover brand in light of the new direction for the company, JLR, and to position it as the SUV designed to take you above and beyond. The campaign has been devised such that it would also work when Land Rover shifts to mobility as a service in the future.

The TV adverts for Land Rover aim to create the right imagery around the SUV that takes you above and beyond, by focusing on Land Rover owners and their need to leave the city and explore the outdoors. I have left the TV advert ideas as scripts in the document above, as I wouldn’t have found the right stock footage to make and share them now.

One of the print adverts in the Land Rover brand campaign

I have, however, written and designed the Land Rover print campaign, which you can see in the document below. The idea in the print campaign is to create a larger than life image of a Land Rover journey, as seen from above. The images for the print campaign will have to be shot by a well-known landscape and travel photographer, which can also become a Land Rover Journeys exhibition touring the world. When finally executed, the images will have a Land Rover vehicle in them, though the specific model is not important since the campaign is for the Land Rover brand.

When Land Rover has a new generation vehicle to launch. it might not need a TV advert to announce it. It can launch the vehicle through digital and social media as well as print, as in this hypothetical example below.

I have made suggestions for use of media and other communication disciplines in the text document. I have also said that all the components of the Land Rover campaign will have to work in tandem with the campaign for Overlanders, the exclusive club of Land Rover owners.

The print campaign layouts for Land Rover use images from Unsplash and I am grateful to them.