Owl Wisdom Wisecrack Cards

Hi and a very Happy New Year to you. I thought the best way to start 2021 might be to bring a smile to people’s faces as often as we can.

Here are a set of Owl Wisdom Wisecracks Gifs that I shared last year on social media and turned them into greeting cards this year for my blog’s readers and subscribers. So we can all spread some cheer along with a little wisdom.

Feel free to download them and share throughout 2021.

Send your best wishes for greater harmony, in 2021.

And for better friendships, no matter the colour of our skin.

Wishes to loved ones to stay well, even though the virus may still be around

Words of encouragement to help them on their way.

Congratulations for all the little accomplishments that do us proud.

And wishing people well as they begin new chapters and innings in their careers and lives

Our thoughts and little words of cheer can go a long way this year. Hope you enjoy sharing these with all those you care about. Have a great 2021!

Hurry and download these Owl Wisdom Wisecrack greeting cards before February 15, 2021, as I will be taking this page down on that date.